Multi Materials of British Columbia


Multi Materials of British Columbia is a recycling program which allows residents to recycle types of packaging that are not commonly found in regular curbside recycling.

Haarsma Waste Innovations is proud to offer the new Multi Materials of British Columbia recycling program (MMBC) to all of our curbside, multi unit, and strata companies.

MMBC is among more than 20 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs introduced in BC over the past two decades. Through these programs, industry is responsible for end-of-life management of items such as beverage containers, electronics, paint, used oil, tires and batteries. EPR is a way for businesses to manage the environmental impact of products during all stages of the product lifecycle, from selecting the materials used in production to collection and recycling when a product is no longer useful.

Most packaging and printed paper can be collected curbside or can be taken to depots for recycling. A few items are only accepted at depots. 


Each week MMBC will be posting a blog updating the public on new and exciting things happening with the program. The blog will also post answers to frequently asked questions as well as expanded information on the program.

To visit the Multi Materials of Brtisih Columbia blog please visit the link below.

MMBC Blog Post



To find out where your nearest depot is located please use the link to the MMBC address search tool below.

MMBC Search Tool


What is Accepted and Not Accepted

To find out what items can and cannot be accepted in your curbside recycling, please visit the link below.

MMBC Recycling


Frequently Asked Questions 

Soft Plastics

Q. What items are no longer accepted in the MMBC curbside recycling program?

A. The only item that is no longer accepted is soft plastics. This includes plastic bags, plastic overwrap and plastic film. Therefore, please do not put your recyclables in a plastic bag. Recyclables must be put out in a reusable container such as a blue box, old garbage can or any container that is sturdy and manageable (as long as it doesn’t exceed 44 lbs in weight). 

Q. Why are soft plastics no longer a part of the curbside program?

A. MMBC is now responsible for the curbside collection programs and they have determined that removing soft plastics including plastic bags and overwrap will improve the processing of the recyclables. Soft plastics can contaminate the other recyclables making it costly and difficult to manage the sorting process.

Q. What can be done with soft plastics?

A. They are accepted at the depots. To find your local depot location click on the MMBC link above under depots.